The Gift

Comedian, TV & Radio Celebrity Steve Harvey says that all of us are born with a gift.

The gift is not our passion or necessarily what we desire in life.

My passion is creating things like art, books, music, etc. But that’s not my true gift, the one I was put on this earth to foster and develop for the benefit of others.

My desire is to sit by a pool on a tropical island sipping a cool drink while reading thriller novels. Like most humans, I am drawn to a life of ease and comfort.

But my true gift I have come to understand later in life is the ability to research and learn a vast body of knowledge on a subject I am interested in, and then simplify and systematize it so I can teach it to others so that they may benefit from it. That is certainly what I have been busy doing for the last decade with the Learn To Paint Academy and Artist Business Academy.

Once I got clear on what my gift is my ability to achieve results accelerated dramatically.

This gift, if we unearth it, nurture it, and use it to better the world, will define us and the life we live according to Harvey. Once we tap into the gift and expose it to the world we can have a positive impact. Through this positive impact, we not only shape the lives of those around us in the world but we can empower ourselves to live the life of our dreams.

For most of my life though I struggled.

I never felt like I fitted in or belonged to any group.

I drifted from job to job never feeling enthused or fulfilled by anything I had done and would only turn up for the paycheck.

I was mostly a loner which is probably what led to me turning to knowledge and sources of wisdom. Over time that led to a curiosity about what makes humans tick and why some produce remarkable results and others struggle through life.

This curiosity led me to Steve Harvey and learning from him his idea of the gift. That became a turning point in my life.

Feeling like you don’t fit in is common.

I love what Einstein said:

“Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

In addition to what Einstein said, if you are a fish who has spent your whole life trying to climb trees, then society will judge you harshly.

If you are the fish what do you do?

Deep within you are the seeds of greatness. As Einstein said you are born a genius. You just need to tap into that zone of genius that is uniquely yours.

According to Harvey, and I am inclined to agree with him, each of us was born with a unique gift. It may be buried deep within your psyche but it is there never less.

Our mission during our time here on earth is to first identify this gift.

Once we are clear on what it is we need to nurture and develop the gift.

Then we need to utilize this gift for the betterment of humanity.

It’s my view that the purpose of our life here on this physical plain is to have a positive impact through the utilization of the gift programmed into us at birth.






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