Author: Rod

  • The Greatest Time In History For Creatives

    If you plug your mind, emotions and soul into the evening news then you will get a grim view of the world. Rising interest rates and inflation, US debt ceiling, bank collapses, housing and homelessness crisis, wars in Europe and on and on. Nothing but bad news if that is what you choose to plug […]

  • The Gift

    Comedian, TV & Radio Celebrity Steve Harvey says that all of us are born with a gift. The gift is not our passion or necessarily what we desire in life. My passion is creating things like art, books, music, etc. But that’s not my true gift, the one I was put on this earth to […]

  • Lack Of Natural Talent

    Do you need natural talent in order to achieve success? Success in anything? The arts, business, health, relationships? Are some people lucky that they were born with natural talent and that is the reason they have achieved the level of success they have? Natural talent that you don’t have? Is it possible you have been […]